Ok so we now have a gig on the Friday 20th July at the Cinema. Aalst, Belgium with Grand Collapse and Badder (BE).




We are playing gigs on the 6th and 7th July in France and a festival in Liege on the 21st July looking for a UK gig in London for the 20th July (If you can help ...get in touch).



Have just recorded another new track at Flue HQ for a compilation LP out soon.




The Flue Sniffers will be playing a party on 21/04/2018 few more activities to be announced this year.



The Band will be Playing at Bakounine's 10th anniversary gig




The split LP is has now been out for a while available from distros in the UK and France.Urinal Vinyl has it in the UK.




We are playing two gigs with Bakounine on the 11th and 12th December.One in St.etienne and Dijon.




we will be playing a gig on the 17th May 2015 see flyer for details.




Thanks to Phil for organising the "Crustmass Bloody Crustmass" festival in Liege, Belgium. Thanks to all the bands who played and all people who came and helped to make it a great and fun event. We are still putting the finishing touches to are recordings for the upcoming split with Bakounine.



Thanks to everyone involved with the gig at Rochefort-en-terre .Thanks to everyone that we met, who organised the gig and looked after us all. We have also recently been in the recording studio recording new stuff for the upcoming split release with Bakounine. Next gig is the Masscrust fest in Liege, Belgium.



we will be playing a gig on the 1st November 2014 see flyer for details. The gigs we were asked to play in September did not happen as we heard nothing about them from the band that asked us to play them. In the middle of November we hope to record tracks for a split 12 inch record with Bakounine...more details to follow.




we are organising a small tour in France currently for the beginning of September 2014.Thanks to everyone that we met, who organised the gigs and looked after us on the last two gigs.



we will be playing a gig in Paris on 27th June 2014.




we will be playing a benefit festival for the ABC at the tannerie at Dijon on 28th June 2014. We are looking forward to supporting this organisation. Other bands playing the festival are Twenty Minutes de Chaos(Fra) + Counter Attack (Bel) + Exhaustion (Fra) + Dures et Gays (Fra) + Kyma (Fra) + more




we are slowly re-grouping from the last tour and are getting organised for the year ahead which will hopefully see us playing and hopefully recording. Watch this space.



COMPILE DE SOUTIEN A PROPAGANDE.ORG Salut tout le monde. La compile de soutien à propagande.org, un hébergeur de site internet à tendances subversives pour les groupes, les distros, les fanzines, les radios, vient de sortir. Ce soutien se présente donc sous forme d'un livret A5 20 pages, avec une petite présentation de ce qui peut être utile pour se servir d'un ordinateur sans passer pour le dernier des capitalistes, et sans avoir besoin de passer une thèse d'informaticien : formats libres, Linux,licences et brevets open-source, ... ce livret est accompagné d'un cd regroupant quelques 23 florilèges de comptines musicales, avec, dans le désordre : DEATH REIGN // VARLIN //PLAINE CRASSE // YEARS OF DECAY // BIERE SOCIALE // 20 MINUTES DE CHAOS //BLACK CODE // VISIONS OF WAR // KASSE BOUTEILLES // LOCALE POUBELLE //BAKOUNINE // PINK ROSE // MISSRATCHED // THE WANTED // TOTAL REKUP //COCHE BOMBA // HUMAN COMPOST // KONKASSEURS // ZEPPO // ULRIKES DREAM //PROCRASTINATION // MENTOS COCA // THE FLUE SNIFFERS. C'est dispo pour 5 euros (6 avec les frais de port), pour l'instant par mail à cocolasticot AT riseup DOT net, et bientôt dans quelques bonnes épiceries. Tout le bénef ira à Erick, l'administrateur du site propagande.org.



OK well back from Holland and Germany and a great time was had. plyed with some great bands, hung out with some great people and met friends old and new. Thank you to everyone who put us on, put us up, fed us and generally put up with us. Thank you very much. We hope to see you again soon.



Flue Sniffers will be playing at this two day party to mark the eviction after fifteen years.

For more than 15 years in various collective turned the Plain Baud huge playground for Rennes party. Unfortunately, this golden age is coming to an end : the promoters undertake a project where we will see grow towers. We'll find other places to continue to bring the spirit , but we can not pass up the opportunity to make a final this place steeped in history. Come : it 's gonna blow !



OK well it look's like we are going on tour from 25th October to the 2nd November in Holland and Germany. Not all the dates have been confirmed but we will update the dates on the gigs page.



Thanks very much Bruxelles for a lovely day out pictures are available here



Evictions took place today in central Brixton Making over 70 people homeless . The properties have been occupied for over thirteen years and have been unmaintained or looked after by Lambeth council for over thirty years. Lambeth council is pushing ahead with its plan to drive more squatters out of Brixton, to develop private housing, only affordable for the ultra rich. The council are maintaining that only three of the six properties evicted today will be sold off the others being renovated for social housing..how fucking ironic as usual. Squatters had commented 'Now we are being ripped out of our homes to make space for ‘corporate clients’ . Foxton’s will charge people upwards of £2000/week to stay in our flats and/or they will sell them for half a million pounds.



Fuck me upcoming gigs we will be playing are Concoret nr Rennes on the 12th July. Also playing on the 14th July with Polikarpa y sus viciosas from Columbia nr Brest. And finally we will now be playing in Brussels, Belgium with René Binamé + Les Slugs + La Fraction (FR) + Vision Of War + Bière Sociale (FR) + La Marmite on Saturday 7th September. see gig page for more details.



Active Minds will be playing at a Rouille, Soudan, France on Monday 22nd July.



Our thoughts go out to friends and family of Clement Meric, a Paris student who was killed in an attack by a group of skinheads yesterday.



We have just returned from a weekend of gigs in Dijon, Paris and Chateau Brient. We would like to thank all the organisers, bands we played with and especially everyone that came to these.Thanks also to all those who came up with us on our journey and those we met on the way. We had a great time and hope to do it again soon.a good weekend.



News from Brighton, UK. at the weekend the march for england came to town. For those that don't know about the march for England I've added a link that tells a reasonable acount of the day. The march on the Sunday coincided with the last day of the Brighton Punks picnic and unfortunately the gigs did not go ahead. This was due to police advice to the venue and not the organisers. So nice one all for a good weekend.



New T-shirts will be available at the next gigs we will be playing . See the gigs page for details of when and where. I think you'll admit it's a beautiful thing, Prix libre at gigs.



The Flue sniffers will be playing as part of the "Quintin's Not Dead Festival" which is happening on the 3rd and 4th May (see flyer for details).



Just back from three gigs in a row Chateux Brient, Brest and Glomel. P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S were ace and thanks again to Bakounine and all at Chateux Brient for a great night on Wednesday. Thursday was a benefit gig for ZAD forest occupation with Dreadlock terror with a film about the Occupation, check out there site. On Friday we played in Glomel with the Wanted where police tried to evict the squat the next day.



New Benefit cd available as a benefit for Free Pussy Riot campaign. Bands featured are : Available from us at gigs or distro's